Bert Stein: Street Vendor

Bert Stein, 76, street vendor and former military medic during the Vietnam War.

Bert Stein, 76, is a South Bronx native and Vietnam Veteran who has been working as a street vendor for the last eight years. His cart, located at 43rd and 5th, sells sunglasses, pashminas, and t-shirts. He says his business has “gone down 40-45% since last year.”

He believes “if the Republicans keep their mouths shut, the economy will come back up.” He also attributes the United States’ current economic woes to a lack of domestic manufacturing and the number of jobs moving overseas. “All this crap I sell here is made overseas. I want to set fire to it,” says Bert.

Bert has had help for the last 14 months from Raju Khadka, a native of Nepal who has been living in Queens since 2009.

Bert Stein (right) in front of his vendor table, while helper Raju Khadka (left) looks at the paper.



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