Unemployment Sucks, Not Going Anywhere

As you have more than likely already heard, there were no new jobs created in the US in August. This ABC News article explains in detail why this is a big deal. But anyone who has ever been unemployed doesn’t need an explanation as to how it sucks.

I’ve been either unemployed, or barely employed since 2009, and while I now get to call myself a student and raise my self-esteem, I know first hand that being unemployed or underemployed creates some serious stress. Just look at these numbers from Gallup on the well being of the underemployed.

So what do you do? Personally, I started trying almost any job that would have me. And from this article in the Chicago Sun-Times, it looks like I wasn’t alone. The problem was I barely made any money at the random little jobs I picked up.

I once worked a day for a reality show that I won’t name. I had to go over convoluted paperwork with a mix of crazy and naive people who desperately wanted the chance to perform for some questionably qualified TV talent judges. I was sick for a week afterwards from shaking the hands of the politely deranged. I worked a 14-hour day with hardly a break and I made…$85. That ‘s less than minimum wage from a big company. Hooray!

And as my options dwindled, my ideas got stranger. I almost put on this outfit…

and danced around Battery Park for tourists, but then school started.

Need some weird ideas? What about these.

One thought on “Unemployment Sucks, Not Going Anywhere

  1. Hey Daisy! I was really interested in those underemployment statistics–they’re pretty significant and in the current state of the economy, I shouldn’t be surprised, but it really shows how underutilized people feel today. That video of you in the bee costume, by the way, is hilarious. I love public stunts!

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