Fake Wrestler, Real Dedication, Completely Hilarious

UCBW Autumnslamn Occupy Denim

Billy Beyrer loves wrestling. He has since he was a kid, so when the opportunity to wrestle in front of a paying audience presented itself, he jumped at the chance.

Billy isn’t really a wrestler per se. He plays the character Whole Lotta Denim as part of the UCBW, a comedy-wrestling group that performs at the UCB Theatre. Wrestling is already fun and silly, but these comics take it to new levels.

This month, Billy won the UCBW World Championship at AutumnSlamn, one of UCBW’s seasonal homages to the pay-per-view events put on by WWE. He defeated the evil Wall Street, a guy dressed in a suit with a Bluetooth in his ear.

For Billy’s story and the sounds of the match, check out the clips below:

How Billy found his character by Daisy Rosario

Billy on how he got interested in wrestling by Daisy Rosario

Billy on his favorite wrestler and when he got to meet him by Daisy Rosario

The sounds of Billy’s match by Daisy Rosario

[image courtesy of Billy Beyrer]

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