Reviews without spoilers: Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson always creates a world for his films that feels distinctly his own, and Moonrise Kingdom follows that trend. Though this may be the first time the audience knows exactly what year the film is set in since he tells us that right at the top. It looks and feels like a Wes Anderson film, but also feels very true to the time in which it is set.

It’s not laugh out loud funny, it’s a creeper; the kind of film where you feel yourself smiling even when you’re not laughing. It isn’t so much twee as it is charming in a young way. The story is about two preteen misfits played by unknowns Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman. It manages to capture the feeling of youth very well, even while anchored by great adult actors. The movie never drags, and is relatively short at 94 minutes, but the way time passes in the film feels like childhood. It feels like a time when an afternoon could last forever.

I could have watched it for another hour, but the story wrapped up, then the credits rolled and sadly, it was over. I would love to visit this movie, this world, time, and place. I could wrap myself up in this movie on a rainy day. And I might, once it’s out on DVD.

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