How the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Gets Ready

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is an icon of New York City during the holiday season. Even people who have never seen the tree in person probably recognize it from postcards or television. But how do they get the tree up and ready to be the star of Rockefeller Plaza?

This video will give you a glimpse at how riggers put the tree up, how they decorate it, and the way it looks in its final state.

A tree rigger holds a rope attached to the tree.

A little backstory on this year’s tree: This is the 79th annual tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Nancy Keller of Mifflinville, PA donated the tree after being approached by a representative from Rockefeller Center who spotted the tree on her property. Keller and her family were on hand the morning the tree arrived in New York.

It was driven up to NYC on a flatbed truck and put up on Friday November 11th. It was lit on Wednesday, November 30th. The tree will be on display through the first week of January. After it is taken down, the wood will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

One thing that was hard to capture on film is that the tree is also held in place by cables. If you visit, take a look up and you will see cables attached to the top of the tree and connected to 30 Rock, the famous building that anchors Rockefeller Plaza.

To read more about the details of who hoists the tree and how, check out this great little article from Popular

[image and video by Daisy Rosario. Song in video courtesy of Amil Byleckie via]